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sexy_fellas's Journal

Sexy Graphics of the Male Persuasion....
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Call me greedy if you want to, but I believe that you can never have too much of a good thing. This community was designed for one simple purpose, to showcase graphics of sexy men.

Warning: Graphics of sexy men in homosexual situations with other sexy men are not only allowed, they are ENCOURAGED. If that's gonna be a problem, you need to leave now.

All graphics welcome: that includes icon bases, icons, headers, layouts, banners, colorbars, whatever you like/come up with.

Any member can post, in fact, I hope that you do! I ask only that you follow a few simple rules...

1. Please place all potentially inflammatory (read: nudity/anything you wouldn't want your mom/boss/child peeking at over your shoulder) graphics behind an lj-cut. And please, give us a warning. A simple NSFW in the subject line will do nicely.

2. Be nice. Flamers/trolls/homophobes will be dealt with.

3. Post only your own work, unless given express permission by the graphic maker to link to their post.

4. Requests should be kept to a minimum, but keep in mind that we are not a request community. Your request may not be filled. Same goes for customizations.

5. Follow the poster's rules for taking their graphics. If they ask for credit, give it, or don't take the graphic. Comment if you're taking a graphic, whether the poster requires it or not. It's just good manners ^^ And it keeps them motivated.

6. Respect the fact that one person's idea of sexy may not be the same as yours.

Alright, so get to it! Bring on those sexy fellas! *wolf whistle*